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Electronic Voting

Voting over Internet enhances participation for the members of clubs & unions, increases the representation power of their boards since it improves procedure accessibility and increases also the speed and accuracy of the results. Every voter can vote from his place the time he selects, since electronical voting may last up to several days.

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Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with business-related laws, regulations, specifications, and guidelines requires a thorough implementation study to demonstrate the exact level of compliance today, the likely impact on the business of – whether achieved or not – compliance and to decide further actions.


Specialized Services

Current knowledge and experience requirements can make finding a suitable partner a very difficult task. WiseData enables you to take advantage of our team’s overall experience, with services that are tailored to your company’s needs, either with their complete take-off by us or in the form of advisory services to your team.


Advanced Solutions

The best technological solution is the one that can be adapted to the needs of the business. The “one size fits all” era has gone for good. The plethora of new technology solutions makes imperative the need of specialized work to ensure that their integration does not burden the day-to-day operation of the business, creating more problems than what it has to solve.


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The establishment of electronic voting, and indeed Internet voting, is expected to simplify and reduce errors during the process of submitting and counting votes, promises greater accessibility for people with[…]

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Data Discovery: to Tool or not to Tool?

GDPR poses several new challenges for businesses, the most important being the following: 1. Where are sensitive data stored throughout the IT infrastructure? 2. How can sensitive data be identified[…]

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