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Business Continuity

What is

Business Continuity?


“The ability of an organization to absorb and adapt to an ever-changing environment.”

Which business continuity issues keep you sleepless at night?

Serious Unexpected Threats

Natural Disasters


Terrorist Attacks

Serious Expected Threats


Extreme Weather Conditions

Disruption of Information Infrastructures

Outage of Telecommunication Infrastructure

Outage of Public Utilities

Stop of Procurement Services

Interruption of Transport Network

Security Breach Event

Lack of Capable Affiliates

New Laws and / or Regulations

Define Priorities!

What we are most afraid of, comes first into a Business Continuity Plan

Natural Disasters, Pandemics, Terrorist Attacks can cause serious disruption in the business.

Response to various threats is not necessarily the same. The degree of impact is different. The most valuable corporate resources are not necessarily the most sensitive.

Organize an Operational Continuity Plan for the most important threat. Then apply it also to the next threat. Finally, all potential contingencies will be covered by an Operational Continuity Plan.