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Compliance with GDPR

Achieving compliance with GDPR requires a wide range of analysis of an organization’s IT infrastructure to minimize the potential for loss of personal data. Our company has the full range of specialized services required to achieve the best possible result.


* Education: “Introduction to GDPR”
* Legal issues (legal basis of processing personal data, contracts etc.)
* Business procedures for collecting & processing personal data
* Computer infrastructure, network security
* Personal data protection
* GAP Analysis


* Define a legal basis for data collection and processing
* DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessment
* Redesign business procedures
* Proposals to enhance personal data security
* Breach response plan

Continuous Support

* Provide Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service
* Provide Data Security Officer (DSO) as a service
* Keeping up-to-date on GDPR’s latest news
* Consultanting services
* Periodic compliance checks with GDPR

Compliance Assessment

The Compliance Assessment with the Regulation is a painful process. Αll business processes involving personal data, legal, business and IT should be exhaustively explored to ensure that something that could be a possible risk in the future is not overlooked.

Business Audit

The analysis of corporate procedures regarding their relationship to personal data is the basis of the GDPR compliance study.

Legal Audit

The legal assessment should clarify the legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data.

IT Audit

An examination of IT security measures will provide us with the level of protection of personal data.


Risk analysis is necessary to reduce the overall exposure of the business.