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Comprehensive Data Protection and Recovery from Anywhere, Anytime

Asigra Cloud Backup protects all of your organization’s critical data, including applications and databases. Whether your data is on physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), Docker containers, desktops, laptops, or in SaaS-based applications (Google G Suite, Salesforce.com, or Microsoft Office 365) or cloud-based platforms (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure), Asigra Cloud Backup is your complete data protection solution.

With Asigra, you avoid the cost, complexity, and protection gaps that are inherent with point solutions — solutions designed to protect only one or a small handful of data source types. The central administrative dashboard provides you with an organization-wide, real-time-view of your data protection status across all protected data sources, enabling you to quickly identify protection failures. Any failures can be immediately addressed using the same dashboard.

Although Asigra Cloud Backup is a single data protection solution for your entire enterprise, it does not force ‘one-size-fits-all’ protection on your data sources. Instead, Asigra recognizes that different data sources and workflows within your organization could have very different protection needs. For example, some VMs may need to be backed up once while others may require daily backups. Other VMs running mission critical apps may need to be replicated hourly to a warm standby VM for fast failover and disaster recovery purposes.

With Asigra, you can easily establish rules like these on a granular basis to achieve your organization’s overall data protection objectives without making any compromises. 

Maximum Security

■ AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest data encryption
■ Government-approved NIST FIPS 140-2 security certification
■ Customer-controlled encryption key and authentication

Maximum Manageability

■ Single consolidated repository simplifies backup and recovery of data that’s currently backed up in silos scattered across the enterprise
■ Single-pane-of-glass view allows you to manage from an intuitive web-based dashboard with visibility across the enterprise for even the most complex disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, including multiple branch locations and local/remote backup and recovery management of data centers
■ Support for private, hybrid, and public cloud so you choose the cloud architecture or deployment model that best suits your business needs and easily migrate as your needs evolve
■ Agentless architecture simplifies installation and ongoing operations in your environment by eliminating the downtime and disruption of deploying and maintaining agents
■ World-class service from our worldwide partner network minimizes the time and resources you spend on backup and

Maximum Reliability

■ Autonomic Healing verifies the logical and physical integrity of the data written to the storage systems
■ Restore Validation ensures data is restorable by simulating real  recoveries (without actually writing the restored data)